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The united pro gaming team has many years of experience in marketing communication for sophisticated products requiring explanation, especially in the areas of consumer electronics and ICT.

The team members know the market, the media and the players. They love gaming and entertainment and know how important good hardware is for immersion in the game.


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  • Communication agency united communications forms Gaming Unit

    Berlin, November 2018 – For nearly twenty years, the Berlin-based brand agency united communications has been supporting clients in making their...

    Berlin, November 2018 - For nearly twenty years, the Berlin-based brand agency united communications has been supporting clients in making their gaming innovations known and successfully marketing them. Clients include established companies such as AOC with its AGON gaming monitors, as well as start-ups such as Cybershoes, for which the agency organised the European premiere for their product of the same name at gamescom this year. "We know the market, the providers and the multipliers. With the establishment of the new gaming unit, we want to position ourselves more clearly and make potential customers even more aware of our many years of expertise in this industry," says Elena Strzelczyk, Account Director at united communications.

    In the computer and video games market, more than EUR 3.3 billion were generated in Germany alone in 2017.

    Source: Gesamtmarkt digitale Spiele. Berechnung auf Grundlage des GfK Consumer Panels (2017/2018; n=25.000), der GfK Entertainment und der GfK POS Measurement. ©game/GfK 2018,

    According to the Game industry association, the result was thus increased by almost 450 million euros compared to the previous year. And all experts assume that the gaming boom will continue. A driving factor is the hardware optimised for gaming, which accounted for almost one third of total sales in 2017 and increased by 26 percent to 938 million euros within one year. In order to get the ultimate gaming experience, gamers are investing massively in gaming optimised hardware: special - often strikingly designed - PCs, monitors, laptops, keyboards, mice, etc.

    united communications offers potential new customers excellent relationships with gaming hardware editors from the consumer and retail sectors, bloggers, influencers and other players in the gaming hardware market that have grown over the years. The agency also has experience in the field of gaming trade fairs and events, also outside Germany.

    Account Director Elena Strzelczyk: "Gaming hardware has been with me for almost twenty years. We are therefore ideally positioned to advise and support further customers in this special field - if desired, also together with partner agencies, with whom we have been working together on a daily basis for many years - also throughout Europe."


    About united consultancy / united communications
    Our international agency, founded in 1995, delivers all services decisive for success spanning the spectrum from strategic consultancy to creative sales and brand communication, from a single source.

    united consultancy

    • The united communications consultancy unit, in which virtually all consultants have themselves held leading positions in international companies, focuses on three key areas:
      • Strategy consultancy
      • Business development
      • Foundation consultancy

    united communications

    • The communication unit conceives and implements effective PR, advertising and social media campaigns for leading brand companies as well as for start-ups, foundations and other NGOs/NPOs. In addition, it supports clients in stakeholder dialogues and change processes – on local, national and international levels.
      • For the rapidly growing e-sports market and forward-looking plant-based/vegan business models, we have established two specialist teams:united pro gaming and vegency

    ( and sonce 2008.

    Our agency is independent, owner-driven, cosmopolitan and well connected. Our recipe for success is our pioneering spirit. From digital photography and LCD monitors in the mid-1990s to professional Wi-Fi solutions and voting rights for children and adolescents ten years later, or tinnitus prevention, the Industrial Internet of Things, telerehabilitation and sound personalisation more recently – our team boasts a wealth of specialist and industry knowledge. And incidentally, more than half of the team has been with the agency for over 15 years. It’s part of the reason why clients have chosen to work with us continuously for ten years or even longer. For Olympus, we have even worked without interruption since 1996.

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